All of our orders are processed and will ship on the same or next business day from when they are received. The exact shipping date for standard and express shipments
is indicated on your checkout page before you select your shipping method.

As a general rule, orders placed before the following times will ship the same day:

Standard Shipping orders - 11 AM
Most standard orders ship via Priority Mail which is picked up by our carrier around noon.
Express Shipping Orders - 3PM

Most standard Draft Kit packages will ship via Priority Mail which is advertised at 2-3 day delivery, but since it is not guaranteed we must allow up to 1 full week for delivery.
Most shipments are delivered in the advertised time frame. 

Draft Board Stands and all larger trophies will ship via FedEx Ground.

Look below to see a shipping weight chart for our products.
Personal kits are shipped in a hard document mailer by First Class U.S. mail ( 4-6 days )


Shipping Notice
If your draft is less than 1 full week from the day ordered (Monday - Monday),
Highly Advise that you use Express Delivery.
We will not be responsible and no refunds will be given, for orders that do not arrive on time if you do not choose the proper shipping method following our guidelines

We do not offer FedEx Saturday delivery

Draft board stands and customized trophies must ship via standard shipping, which is FedEx Ground. Stands can't ship via Express shipping

2017 Football Kit Shipping
1 lbs 1- Regular Kit 2- Regular Kits 1
Jumbo Kit
Jumbo Kits
Personal Kit
Personal Kits
Draft Board Stand Jumbo Draft Board Stand
8,10,12 14, 16 8,10,12  16
Weight 2 lbs. 2 lbs. 3 lbs 3 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs 1 lbs 1 lbs 8 lbs. 14 lbs
Packaging Env. Box Env. Box Box Box Env Env Custom Custom
Price per
extra unit
---- ---- Extras 
 $2.50 Each
$2.50 Each
------ Extras $5 Each --- Extras  $1 Each --- ----
Shipping $7 $10 $9.50 $12.50 $13 $18 $5 $6 $12 with a kit
$20 if ordered alone
with a
Jumbo kit
Ship Via Priority  Mail Priority  Mail Priority  Mail Priority  Mail Priority  Mail Priority  Mail First Class  Mail Priority Mail FedEx Ground FedEx Ground
Delivery Times
Priority Mail -
Advertised for 2-3 day delivery, but IS NOT guaranteed. We allow 1 full week for delivery.
FedEx Ground - Advertised 2-5 business days for delivery. We allow 5-7 business days. Your package will ship from North Carolina.

Express Shipping -
We offer FedEx Next Day and 2nd Day Service for an additional charge.  If there is 1 week or less until your draft, we will only ship using one of these 2 methods. Even though your shipment might arrive in an envelope, FedEx charges are determined by the weight if over 1 pound and not by an envelope rate. All shipments other than Personal kits are based on a minimum 2 pound rate. 2nd Day Shipping - For 2nd day service we use FedEx. Average cost is $13 higher than the standard shipping.
Next Day Shipping - For Next Day service we use FedEx. Average cost is $23 higher than the standard shipping.
Shipping to Canada
- To place an order for shipping for a Canadian delivery,  In the "state" field, go to the bottom of the list and choose "CANADA" and your Province. In the next section marked "Shipping Information", select "Canada Shipping" under the "Shipping Method" and then the cart will calculated the correct shipping for your order. If you do not select "Canada" in the shipping method, your order will be rejected by our office and NOT SHIPPED with NO NOTIFICATION of the failed order from our office. We do not offer ground or express shipping to Canada due to customs and duties issues. If the order form does not allow you to choose CANADA it is because Draft board stands can not ship to Canada. Do Not select 2nd Day or Next Day  shipping, the cart will allow this but we will reject the order as we can not offer these services to Canada. Post Office advertised delivery times to Canada are 6-10 business days. But due to frequent customs delays, we allow 10-14 days.